$140 Non-Members

$21 Members (3 & 12 Month Membership holders)

DATES: 1st to 21st December 2014

COMMITMENT: 21 days of yoga - 6 classes at the studio and 1 self practise/meditation per week 


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After the success of our September 30 Day Challenge and such great enthusiasm for another one soon for those who missed out, we'll be hosting one more Challenge for 2014 - our December 21 Day Challenge.

Now 21 days might seem like a piece of cake but December is a month full of social events, wrapping up of the work and school year, and many a distraction and last minute party to attend. Compared to 30 days this may seem like a breeze, but this Challenge is not for the faint of heart, it will require great determination and commitment, and the rewards will be even more pleasing.

What a fantastic way to finish of the year on a high, ready to embark on the holiday season feeling fresh, full of energy and ready to allow yourself the odd indulgence or two without fearing it with a sense of dread as we so often do. 

We're looking forward to heading on this 21 Day journey with all who join us, and of course along the way there will be workshops, challenger meetings and of course a goody bag at the end for all who take this on. 

Any questions or queries email