Commit time for yoga and time for yourself, every day, for 30 days this September. 

$195 Non-Members

$35 Yoga Corner 3 & 12 Month Members

Starts Monday 1st September. See you on your mats!

Step into Spring with a Spring in your step and sign up to Yoga Corner's very first 30 day challenge. We're viewing this month-long yoga journey as more of a daily commitment to yourself than anything else, and we have several inspirational and motivating extras along the way:

  • 6 x yoga classes per week at the studio and 1 x self-practise yoga or meditation at home (doubles are fine with us to catch up if you miss a day!)
  • Introduction to Meditation on Monday 1st of September at 6:30pm. A special event for 30 Day Challengers only - learn how to drop-in and meditate on your own anywhere, anytime.
  • Yin Yoga with Amy on Sunday 7th September at 5:30pm to chill out and unwind after your first week of the Challenge
  • 2 x extra Yin Yoga classes added to the schedule each week - Thursday 12pm and Sunday 5:30pm (if you love them, they'll stay ongoing!)
  • Nutrition with James from Green Press ( on Saturday 13th September at 10:30am to boost your awareness on what best fuels your body day and night.
  • Each extra session (meditation, yin, nutrition) that you attend counts as a class, so you'll start with a double on the very first Monday!
  • Goodie bags for everyone who completes the 30 day commitment - we're behind all of you, and we'll help you every step of the way!


For more info and any questions email: