Breath, Bandhas & Backbends 

with Michelle

Sunday 10th August

Time: 10am - 11:30am
Investment: $40*

In this 90-minute workshop, Michelle will focus on the foundations and energetics of back bending postures from the traditional hot yoga sequence. We will explore the techniques of pranayama breathing (‘prana’ - life force energy; ‘yama’ - to control, harness, sustain) and exercises to develop strength and flexibility in the spine.

We will flow through energizing sun salutations, with an emphasis on Cobra and Upward Dog, incorporating the principles of breath and core (‘bandha’) connection. There will be opportunities for all levels of ability to workshop progressive back bends, with hands on assistance and time for Q&A. Our intention is to awaken energy at the root of the spine and direct the flow upwards to the heart center.

Michelle’s philosophy is simple: trust the process and accept where you are. This workshop will help you acquire the freedom and confidence to explore variations in your personal yoga practice and leave you floating home on a cloud of bliss!

*20% off for 3 and 12 month Yoga Corner Members