When: Saturday 8 December 2018
Time: 8.30am-9.45am
Where: Foreshore, St Kilda Sea Baths, St Kilda 
Who: Erin Browning

Celebrate the coming of summer and swap your yoga mat for a paddle board, as our Erin Browning delivers her annual Stand Up Paddle Yoga workshop. 

Limited to 12 spots, Erin's workshop is a unique opportunity to take your practice out of the studio and onto the water...embodying foundational yoga asana while floating on Melbourne's stunning Port Philip Bay. 

Erin will guide you through a slow moving and meditative yoga class on your paddle board while securely anchored just along the foreshore. 

*If Saturday's weather isn't looking great, the workshop will be moved to Sunday 9 December at 8:30am.

What is SUP Yoga? 

SUP, or Stand Up Paddle, has fast become one of the world’s fastest growing water sports. In SUP Yoga we integrate asana (postures), meditation and pranayama (breathing) to create a unique yoga experience. 

What to expect:

Your full SUP yoga experience will start as soon as you hit the water, starting with bringing awareness to breath and working through basic sun salutation. Erin will then guide you through some more challenging postures on the water. 

All postures will be modifed slightly to help aid with balance on the board, but don't worry, if you fall off, the water will catch you, which makes for a very fun and entertaining yoga class! 

Finishing a yoga class in Savasana on the calm open water is the most beautiful and calming experience, not to be missed.

Please bring: 

Swimwear, a towel, a rashie (or a t.shirt to protect from the sun), sunglasses (not your favourite pair!) and a sense of adventure :) Paddle boards provided as part of the ticket cost.

$60 (10% off for Unlimited Members) with maximum of 12 people 

WHERE? St Kilda Sea Baths