**CANCELLED DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES** Email hello@yogacorner.com.au for more information.


What: Yin Yoga + Traditional Chinese Medicine Workshop
When: Saturday 28 July 2018, 1:30pm-3:30pm
With: Megan Gamble


Are you curious to learn more about the connection between Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Yin Yoga? 

Join Megan for a blissful two-hour Yin workshop focused on TCM’s Five Element Theory and discover the five Shen - or spirits - associated with the body’s Yin organs (heart, kidney, spleen, liver and lungs). 

The workshop will begin with a standing meditation and Qi Gong practice to access the body’s energy (or Qi), before melting into a series of long-held Yin poses. We’ll talk about Fire, Earth, Metal, Water + Wood, which are the Five Elements of TCM. Each element has unique characteristics or properties connected to it and we’ll explore how these show up in our lives, be it through our personalities, emotions or physical manifestations. We'll conclude with a long, peaceful savasana. 

Yogis will leave feeling rested and balanced in both body and mind, with a greater awareness of TCM and how this ancient system affects our interactions in the world.

$35 for YC 'Unlimited' Members + $40 for Non-Members

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