When: Saturday 15th June | 10:30am-3:30pm

Where: Yoga Corner Studio

With: Amy Leonard-King

Investment: $189

FINAL SPACES - Book with a friend this week and save $40 (total - $20 off each ticket)


It’s more than a Yoga class, but less than a full immersion ‘away’ retreat. A deep-dive right here at the studio, your home away from home, and a day guided towards filling your cup back up, so you can not only stay healthy from the inside out, but come into a place of truly shining in your brightest light, and living at extraordinary levels in your life 🌟

This day retreat is a chance for me to share a glimpse into my own personal practices that help to keep me calm and steady amidst the whirlwind of busy life, as well as practices that nourish me from the inside out, so that I can be the best version of myself, for me and all those around me.
— Amy Leonard-King


9-10am Hot Flow (Optional - Included in Ticket)

10:30-11:00am Welcome + Clarity Meditation - ‘Finding your Purpose’

If you ever feel stuck, unsure which direction to go, what decision to make, whether big or small, this clarity meditation practice will start to connect you back into a place of deep trust in your own intuitive force, and take you towards finding a sense of true purpose in all that you do.

11:00-11:30am Journaling - A way of processing + expanding awareness

Have an empty journal sitting in your bedside drawer but don’t know where to start? We’ll be exploring some great techniques to get you started in a practice of journaling that will serve in letting go of that which is no longer serving, and making space for manifesting what you desire…

11:30-12:00pm Plant-based eating for life - A Yogi’s approach - How to and Why?

Plant-based eating is certainly becoming a more well-known choice of diet, but what does it really mean? We’ll be exploring the approach according to Yoga Philosophy, as well as ideas as to why this might just be the best option for your health…(There’ll be take home recipes in your goody bag too!)

12:00-1:00pm Plant-Based Lunch + Mini-Massages

Soup, Salad, Bread, Herbal Teas, Juices + more 🌱 Then sit back and relax with our friends visiting us from Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies (All right here in our cosy studio!)

1-1:30pm Immune Support using Essential Oils

What is all the fuss about? They’re pure magic, that’s all ;) Let’s explore just how essential oils can support you in a multitude of ways, right down to managing that pesky cold that lingers through the Winter months.

1:30pm-3pm Restorative Yoga + Yoga Nidra with Amy

If there is one thing that everyone needs it’s more rest. Explore in depth the result that deep, profound rest can have on your body, mind, nervous system + spirit. The body can ONLY heal when in the parasympathetic nervous state, and many of us don’t even get there fully when we sleep…

3-3:30pm Tea + Chocolates

Because there’s no better way to finish than with vegan chocolate! Join together to chat about your discoveries, realisations + more about the practices you’ve explored through the day.

Each attendee will receive a goody bag lovingly filled with essentials for the day and beyond…