This workshop is for experienced Yin practitioners wanting to deepen their practice. You'll be guided into Yin poses designed for emotional release, and aided by a personal Reiki assist to help clear energetic blockages. The practice will be infused with essential oils to help deepen your meditation experience. To end the practice you will be guided through a blissful Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) to ensure the benefits of the experience have time to deeply set in...Make sure you won't need to operate heavy machinery after this class - you'll be floating out on cloud 9!

WHO: For those with some prior experience practicing Yin Yoga - just a few previous classes will do - there's still time to get these under your belt before the workshop!

WHY: An opportunity to deepen your Yin Practise with the assistance of a Reiki Touch to stimulate the flow of energy.  We’re removing blockages to the flow, so that energy can move because if energy flow is blocked, illness or dis-ease can arise. This session will be focussed largely on strengthening our immune system and response by opening and clearing our meridian lines through Yin and Reiki practises. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. 

WHAT: Yin Yoga is the passive practice of holding poses for a prolonged period of time to encourage release through connective tissues, and opening of meridian lines for better energetic flow. Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing, is the perfect marriage for our Yin practise, and what’s more, you’ll be doused and anointed with the Mother Nature Miracles of Essential Oils so that you’re open and flowing in ways that you’ve only imagined (or seen in the movies!).