Kylie joins us again for her exquisite Sound Healing experience...

Lay down, or sit, with your blanket and bolster and allow yourself to drift away to another place where both your body and mind are relaxed in this Sound Healing Meditation experience. As sound waves move through you, your chakras and aura are cleared, balanced and charged.

Throughout the meditation, a mixture of instruments are played around the space as well as above and around your body to specifically cleanse, balance and charge your chakras and aura for a very unique and healing experience. Medicine drum beats like a heart beat; singing bowls and bells resonate to elate you. You are now at one with the sound...

People commonly say that they can feel the sound vibrations moving through them, that they feel light, energised and focused yet relaxed. The mind becomes more centred and it can feel as though you have experienced a deep and fulfilling sleep. 

If you've heard of 'energetic treatments' and healing, but not yet experienced any such methods, this is a great way to see how these practices can benefit you. Come and meet Kylie and see the powerful benefits that Sound Healing Meditation can have for you.

INVESTMENT: $39 (10% off for YC 'unlimited' members)

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With a Diploma of Metaphysics, Kylie is qualified in crystal therapy, colour therapy, past life regression therapy, reiki master/teacher (in both the Usui & Seichim systems), pranic energy therapy, meditation, chakras, energy centres and subtle energy bodies, and holistic counselling. A gifted psychic, aura reader and spirit medium, she also does sound vibration healing. Kylie is a licensed Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader, Heal Your Life® Life Coach, Aura Soma® Practitioner and Aura Soma® Light Beamer Pen Practitioner.