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Our spring workshop focuses on detoxifying the body of any stagnancy from hibernating through Winter and encourages elimination of toxins that may exist in the body. During this strong and cleansing 90 minute practice we will use asana (yoga postures) and pranayama (breath work) to balance our hormone system and strengthen our mind-body communication. Support your body as it prepares to blossom and receive prana (energy) from our Spring and Summer sun.


Erin has found the practice of yoga, and now her style of teaching to be strong, healing, traditional and soulful.

Erin is eager to share the yoga journey with other curious yogi’s, in ways it has helped gently shape and transform her life. Erin’s personal yoga & meditation practice has allowed her to find space in the moment to respond, rather than to react, and has increased her resistance to pain and discomfort, both physically and in challenging circumstances. Yoga has helped Erin to develop a sense of awareness to life and those around her.

Erin loves to challenge students physically in their practice, whilst including philosophical aspects of yoga and messages from ancient yogic scriptures. She is inspired by people who are comfortable in their own skin, and those who take risks for their passion; she loves a good Melbourne coffee and spending time in the park. Erin has travelled all over Europe and to NYC, but Edinburgh still has her heart after having lived there for 3 years. She has been changed by Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks affirmations, and believes in the healing power of our own bodies.