When an action is selfless it leads to future good karma and eventually to liberation.
— Sharon Gannon

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Yoga Corner has joined a growing movement of businesses + global citizens committed to ensuring a healthy planet + happiness for all living beings.

Every single time you step onto the mat we proudly donate on your behalf to a number of carefully researched organisations working to combat the increasing threat of climate change on our planet; thus aligning ourselves with the principle of ‘1% for the planet’. We’re doing it a little bit differently however, in that it’s not each time you purchase at Yoga Corner but rather every time you step onto the Yoga mat, that we give back in charitable donations.

Yoga philosophy teaches us there is no separation. We are the planet, the universe and all living beings within it. So, by giving back to the planet ultimately, we are living in service of ourselves and our own happiness as a part of the whole, bigger picture.

We are honoured to be able to give back on your behalf so that every practice at Yoga Corner is a selfless act.

Image with thanks to Iswanto Arif

Image with thanks to Iswanto Arif


Dearest Yogis,

It's time to make a change. We are hearing more and more about the impact of the way we are currently living our lives and treating this planet that we call home, and I for one can no longer ignore it.

Over recent years, and through the awareness that I have cultivated through a commitment and gradually deeper understanding of the practices of Yoga and what this ancient philosophy teaches us, I have been making small but significant changes in the way that I live my own life. I've chosen to follow a vegan plant-based diet, not only for my own health, but for the health of the planet, and because of a connection that I feel to all living beings including animals that share the Earth with us. I have become increasingly conscious about my habits of recycling, waste, the use of plastic, single use items and more. Not only that, but I have become much more conscious of the information I consume, the shows I watch, the books I read, the people I follow on social media, the list goes on...

Through the creation of a space and community of like-minded people practicing Yoga and through that searching for more peace, greater awareness, personal growth + fulfilment in life, I realised there could be a greater impact that we could all make together. My teacher Sharon Gannon says:

"Don't wait for a better world. Start now to create a world of harmony + peace. It is up to you, and it always has been."

Thank you all for making it possible for us to give back in this meaningful and significant way.


Amy xx

If you have any questions about our give back initiative, please email info@yogacorner.com.au

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