Please book your class online, or arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes before the class you'd like to attend. Classes start on time and studio will be locked during the class, so please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Yoga mats are provided as complimentary, towels are available to rent for $2.

NB: The studio is open for the half hour before and after each scheduled class on the timetable. Get in touch via email with any further queries, or simply arrive 15 minutes before the class you'd like to attend - no need to book in advance.

class timetable

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class descriptions

Our classes are open to all, everyone at any level of experience. You're most welcome to join us on the mat whenever suits your busy life in the city. If you're looking for something in particular, then perhaps our class descriptions below might help you choose the right thing for you right now. Time is our most valuable commodity in this life, and we understand that, so we offer 'express' classes across lunch-time Mondays to Thursdays giving you the chance to move, breathe, connect and re-energise, hopefully leaving with a feeling of refreshed focus for whatever the rest of your day brings. We look forward to seeing you soon on the mat, and welcoming you to our space with compassion, support and a friendly smile.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is the signature hot class offered at Yoga Corner. From complete beginners to experienced practitioners, our Hot Yoga class is suitable for all levels.

The class is a combination of foundational yoga asana (postures) taught in a slow, mindful and deliberate manner, designed to build strength and create openness in both body and mind. The studio is heated to 37C in all our 'Hot' classes, the intensity of the heat helping to focus the mind, draw attention to the importance of the breath, and challenge you in a different way every time you step onto the mat. The set postures in each Hot Yoga class will become familiar to you, but will be taught differently by each teacher bringing you both consistency and challenges in the individuality of each class. 

Join us once a week for maintenance, twice a week for noticeable improvements, and 3-5 times a week for total transformation.


Our Hot Basics class follows a set sequence of poses, moving slowly and with clear guidance focused on alignment, technique and safety. This class is for everyone from the new beginner to experienced Yogi alike. 
Hot Basics is a great place to start your journey of the practice of Yoga, with the emphasis being on connecting with the physical body, the breath, and after some practice perhaps offering you a glimpse of true freedom and bliss as you drop into your final 'Savasana' (relaxation). If you've practiced Yoga for a while already, this class is a wonderful place to come back to, slowing down, seeing how far we've come along the way, and also checking in with any habits that may have been developing over time on the mat. 

Remember: Anyone, with any level of experience, is welcome to join each and every class at Yoga Corner. Our experienced teachers will guide you through your practice with modifications and variations to suit every body. 



Hot Yoga Plus classes are a fun and challenging exploration of different ideas, postures and sequences each time you practice. Practiced in the same heat as other 'Hot' classes (37C), Hot Yoga Plus gives you the opportunity to take your practise to the next level. The class is open to everyone, but complete beginners are encouraged to start with a few 'Hot Yoga' or 'Hot Basics' classes first to get a solid foundation before stepping it up.

Each teacher has their own style derived from their own teachers and lineages, and whatever is inspiring them on their own path of Yoga. Always fresh, interesting, challenging and most of all fun, come join us for a Hot Yoga Plus class to explore the incredible benefits to body, mind and spirit that this practice of Yoga gives. 

Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing practice linking breath with movement. The studio is kept at a cosy 27C, with the practise guiding you towards building internal heat from the attention to breath, and pace of linking postures through seamless transitions with conscious awareness.

Vinyasa Yoga gives us an opportunity to explore, expand and develop the physical practise with the addition of arm balances and inversions which aren't always safe to practice in a heated environment. All levels are welcome. Come to your mat with an open mind and find a little extra freedom in your spirit. 



Ever feel like you just need to take some time out to slow down, drop-in and reconnect? Yin yoga might just be what you're looking for...Yin yoga is a slow paced, passive practise which assists in finding physical, mental and energetic balance in our bodies, and our lives. Yin yoga works with deep, long, passive holds in postures designed to encourage creating space in the 'Yin' tissues of the body - ligaments, joints and fascia - and facilitating energetic healing. 

Yin yoga is a journey inwards, working with things we cannot see, creating a connection to and an understanding of subtle energies and flow of 'chi' throughout the body, as well as working as a bridge between the physical practice of 'asana', and meditation. A beautiful compliment to practising more dynamic styles of Yoga, come join us to slow down, reconnect and find that perfect balance.


Are you interested in learning the techniques of building on your physical practice? Are there some postures that seem just impossible to you right now, even to the point that you think you'll never 'get there'? Our new 'Advanced Vinyasa' class is all about bringing out your best. You don't by any means need to be an 'advanced' practitioner to join this class, as curiosity and an enthusiasm to learn will get you further than you might think. 

Each class our experienced teachers will guide you towards a 'peak' posture, preparing the body and mind for what lies ahead, whilst teaching the progressions and preparations for the body, as well as sharing the philosophy behind why it is that we might want to stand on our heads or 'fly' like a bird balancing only on the hands. Take your practice to the next level and enjoy the ride, the more conscious we become on the mat, the more we learn about ourselves and the world around us off the mat.


Jivamukti Yoga is an internationally recognized practice of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga known for it’s ethos being a ‘Path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings’. Explore this method of Yoga with Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and the Founder of Yoga Corner, Amy, in Jivamukti Yoga classes now on our regular weekly timetable.

Expect an energetic Vinyasa based practice, in-depth exploration of the philosophy of Yoga, Pranayama (breath work), music + chanting, Meditation, and inversion practice in every class. Through the integrated approach of this method you'll find yourself progressing further and more quickly in many different ways: physically, mentally, and spiritually. See you on the mat for an exploration of not just the body, but the mind an the soul too.



Yoga is a wonderful practice to enter into or continue with during pregnancy, and best when you can be surrounded with a small group going through this life changing time together. Our experienced Prenatal Yoga teachers will guide a small group through weekly prenatal yoga classes bringing focus accommodating changes in the physical body, therapeutic physical practices, relaxation techniques, learning modifications and safety for practicing Yoga throughout pregnancy as well as techniques to assist in preparing for labour including pranayama (breath work) .

Join us for classes at any stage of your pregnancy and let the practices of Yoga assist you through this amazing journey.



Our Hatha Yoga classes are the perfect combination of movement, breath and stillness to bring peace, focus and balance to your day. With no added heat in the studio, the practice will focus on basics of alignment (asana) and breath (pranayama) at a mindful, slow and steady pace.

Join us at every stage in your practice, every level of experience is welcome. This class will work to hone your skills and deepen your experience in all aspects of this practice. Namaste.

Yoga Nidra is our monthly guided relaxation hour at Yoga Corner. Attendance is by cash donation, with 100% of proceeds going to our chosen charity of the month. All welcome! Come join us on the 1st Sunday of every month for this blissful meditation towards the deepest state of conscious rest said to be 3 times more effective than sleep at rejuvenating both body and mind...

Bookings online are free, cash donations on arrival are received with gratitude.