Please make sure to book your class online to ensure your spot is confirmed. If you have booked and are unable to attend, please make sure to cancel your class at least 1hr before the start time to make room for someone else to enjoy their practice. If it’s you’re first time, make an effort to arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes before the class you're attending so that we can show you around and welcome you without haste.

Classes start on time and studio will be locked during the class, so please arrive early to avoid missing out! Yoga mats are provided as complimentary, and towels are available to rent for $2.

NB: The studio is open for the half hour before and after each scheduled class on the timetable.


Please TAKE A LONG, DEEP BREATH whilst our live schedule loads… :)

N.B Jivamukti classes are at times replaced by Advanced Vinyasa or Hatha due to us only having one certified teacher in this wonderful method.

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class descriptions

Our classes are open to all, everyone at any level of experience. You're most welcome to join us on the mat whenever suits your busy life in the city. If you're looking for something in particular, then perhaps our class descriptions below might help you choose the right thing for you right now. Time is our most valuable commodity in this life, and we understand that, so we offer 'express' classes across lunch-time Mondays to Thursdays giving you the chance to move, breathe, connect and re-energise, hopefully leaving with a feeling of refreshed focus for whatever the rest of your day brings. We look forward to seeing you soon on the mat, and welcoming you to our space with compassion, support and a friendly smile.


Hot Flow is Yoga Corner’s signature hot yoga class, open to all levels of experience.

Hot Flow is practiced in our beautiful studio – heated to 37C – and incorporates both foundational asana (postures) as well as some more advanced options. This style is always practiced with a slow, mindful and conscious approach, with attention to breath, energy, alignment + an overall feeling of balance as the result. Each time you practice your experience will differ through the unique lens of your teacher and their particular wisdom, inspiration + energy offering.

As we move through a slow flowing asana practice, the heat (‘Tapas’) combined with conscious connection to the breath will help you to move beyond the busy-ness of the mind, and towards experiencing the peace, joy and true connection found when we are truly present. Practice once a week for maintenance, twice a week to affect positive change and daily for true + lasting transformation. 


Hot Align is Yoga Corner’s foundational hot class.

From complete beginners to experienced practitioners, Hot Align is open to all levels. The class – practiced in our beautiful studio heated to 37C – is a combination of foundational asana (postures) taught in a slow, mindful and conscious approach. The main focus is on careful placement and alignment to ensure you move safely and steadily through your practice, building strength + awareness with every breath.

Over time + with consistent effort, you’ll build a solid foundation through which to grow, expand + explore your practice . The heat (‘Tapas’) of the practice helps focus the mind to being present, draws attention to the importance of the breath, and refers to the ancient practice of burning away impurities in both body + mind. The foundational asana (postures) in each Hot Align class will become familiar to you, whilst each teacher brings their unique style and focus to each practice.



Vinyasa can be translated to mean ‘conscious placement’, and what better way to move consciously than linking breath with movement. Our Vinyasa classes are flowing and focused on breath-guided-movement, with the studio naturally kept at a cosy 25-27C. The practice, as traditionally taught, will build heat internally from the attention and use of ‘ujjai’ breath, as well as the pace of linking movements through smooth transitions with conscious awareness.

Our Vinyasa classes give you an opportunity to explore, expand and develop your asana practice, often playing with arm balances and inversions which aren’t practiced in Hot classes. All levels are welcome. Come to your mat with an open mind and allow the flow from your practice mirror a more free, conscious and open spirited ‘You’ off the mat too.

Yin Yoga is a slow, passive + restorative style of practice which works in combination with Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory to assist us in finding better health and balance physically, mentally and energetically. Our Yin + Mediation classes incorporate a meditation practice along with longer, mostly passive holds in poses which encourage both creating space as well as therapeutic compression in the 'Yin' tissues of the body - ligaments, joints and fascia – to ultimately facilitate energetic healing. 

These classes encourage a journey inwards we you work with things we cannot see, and offer you the opportunity to slow right down. This practice can act as a bridge between the physical asana (posture) practice and meditation. A beautiful compliment to the more dynamic styles of Yogasana, come join us to slow down, reconnect with stillness, and find a more balanced way of being.



Jivamukti Yoga is one of the 9 internationally recognised forms of Hatha Yoga, and is known for it’s ethos being a ‘Path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings’. Explore this method of Yoga with Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and the Founder of Yoga Corner, Amy Leonard-King, and expect an energetic Vinyasa-based practice, deeper exploration of the philosophy of Yoga, Pranayama (breath work), music + chanting, Meditation, and inversion practice in every class.

Through the integrated approach of this method you'll find yourself progressing further and more quickly in many ways: physically, mentally, and spiritually. See you on the mat for an exploration of how the practices of Yoga can begin to quickly transform how we see and experience the world around us, and how compassionate living can not only transform our relationships with others, but lead us all the way towards true liberation.



Restorative Yoga is designed to encourage a full and deep relaxation: in body, mind + spirit. The use of props – including bolsters, blocks + blankets – will support you fully in each posture, encouraging a complete surrender that is rare in our overly busy and stimulated modern lives.  Restorative Yoga is a passive physical practice which encourages an active presence of mind, focusing on the body + breath in an effort to deeply rest and creating the opportunity for healing being in the parasympathetic state. The class is often delivered with gentle massage and calming aromatherapy to help you totally unwind. Restorative Yoga is the ultimate rejuvenation, and a real opportunity to give back to yourself.



What makes an ‘Advanced’ Yogi? Curiosity, dedication, patience and consistent practice. You don’t need to be able to stand on your head to join our Advanced Vinyasa class, however come with an open mind, as enthusiasm to learn will get you further than you may think. 

Each week our experienced teachers will guide you through a practice to challenge the body (of course!), the mind (it’s often the biggest hurdle to our progress), and our spirit (learn to laugh when you fall and enlightenment will be that much closer).  Postures and transitions will be offered to anyone ready and willing, as well as progressions and preparations for the body + mind to suit all levels.

Take your practice to it’s next level and enjoy the ride, the more conscious we become on the mat, the more we learn about ourselves, and with this heightened awareness we progress further into our own journey with Yoga.



Yoga is a wonderful practice to enter into or continue with during pregnancy, and best when you can be surrounded with a small group going through this life-changing time together. Our experienced Prenatal Yoga teachers will guide an intimate group through weekly classes bringing focus to accommodating all the changes in the physical body, as well as relaxation techniques, learning modifications and safety for practicing yoga throughout pregnancy, and techniques to assist in preparing for childbirth including pranayama (breath work).

Join us for classes at every stage of your pregnancy and learn tools to take you through this amazing journey of pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and beyond.



Our Hatha Yoga classes are the perfect combination of movement, breath and stillness to bring peace, presence and balance to your day. With no added heat in the studio, the practice will focus on traditional asana (postures), breath-work (pranayama) and meditation at a mindful, slow and steady pace. In a more traditional approach, the primary focus in our Hatha classes will be about directing ‘Prana’ (energy) to move through the body effectively, bringing about more balance + ease in all levels of being.

Join us with any level of experience, this is a wonderful class to either start your journey of yoga, as well as move towards more mastery of this ancient wisdom tradition. This class will work to build your toolkit, hone your skills and deepen your experience in all aspects of the practice.

Our Community Slow Flow classes at Yoga Corner are a weekly offering to allow opportunity for new teachers within our community to share their learnings in the seat of the teacher. As an extension of being community-minded, these classes are offered as a drop-in attendance, meaning no membership is required and anyone is welcome, for just $10 cash on arrival (booking online is free). A beautiful way to connect more fully with our surrounding community and beyond, and a wonderful opportunity to share this practice with anyone you’d like to bring along. Members attend for free.