I am seriously loving hot yoga! There is no ego in the classes at Yoga Corner, all the teachers are friendly, always smiling, and have an amazing knowledge of the practice. I cannot rate the classes here highly enough!
— Linda B

Our team of teachers are passionate, welcoming, understanding and of course fully qualified. Classes are suitable for all levels of experience, and our teachers understand what it's like to step into your first yoga class - we've all been there!

Here's a little more about them, but remember, we're really all about you - creating the most supportive, welcoming, and open environment for you to find your hands, your feet, and your self on your yoga mat.

Amy leonard-king

Amy is passionate about sharing yoga. Her own experience with the practice was a slow and steady evolution into what is now not only a daily practice, but touches every aspect of her life.

After completing her BCom at Melbourne University and then working a corporate job for 5 years, Amy's wish to create a 'job' that was her passion and life's work lead to taking a first Yoga Teacher Training whilst living abroad in London, and subsequently spending recent years travelling and studying under Yoga teachers from different lineages including Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Anusara, Jivamukti and Yin Yoga both here in Melbourne and all over the world. The Yoga Corner studio is Amy's dream come into reality, and was many years in the making, the creation of a place for people to come and connect back to the truest part of themselves.

Amy is humbled and inspired by the opportunity to share her love and joy of the practices of Yoga with anyone willing to take that first step onto the Yoga mat. More than exploring the physical practice in her classes and linking awareness of the breath, Amy's passion lies in sharing the deeper philosophy and ancient teachings that take us to a more subtle and profound understanding of ourselves, drawing us closer to our original state of truth, consciousness + bliss. Amy brings a calming presence to her teaching, whilst challenging students both physically and mentally, offering up ways to both ground + find our centre, as well as expand beyond our perceived limitations. She links the ancient practices of Yoga with how we can access these ideas in our modern lives.

Emma YC.jpg

EMMA Phythian

Emma has been practicing yoga for over a decade. Initially attracted to the physical benefits, it was the profound positive effects on her mental and emotional wellness that had her hooked on the practice. First discovering Iyengar Yoga, Emma has explored many methods and loves to integrate meditation and pranayama into her classes.

As a full time professional, Emma understands the pressures of the modern world all too well and yoga has become a necessary ingredient in daily life to find balance and inner peace.

She is passionate about sharing the practice with others and giving back to the yoga community.




Erin was one of those children that never sat still - always on the move. She first tried yoga purely as a physical workout, and didn't go back for years because it wasn't fast paced and distracting enough to match her attitude.  She was reintroduced to yoga on doctors orders, following a long history of sports related injuries and it was then that Erin fell in love with yoga, learning to embrace the challenge of sitting still - and looking within. 

Yoga changed her from a stressed out and anxious perfectionist, to a calm and relaxed person that appreciates where she is now is exactly where she needs to be. She now loves to sit still and be alone with her thoughts - realising this is an ongoing practice and challenge. 

In 2014 Erin decided to dedicate herself to her practice by completing a 200hr Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Goa, India. She then lived and taught yoga in India for several months before returning to Melbourne. Originally from Canada, Australia has been her home for ten years - but she still hasn't managed to lose the accent!

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Jessica spent 4 years deepening her practice before leaving the corporate world in 2016 and devoting her career full time to teaching and sharing her passion for yoga with others. Jessica uses free movement, asana, meditation, visualisation, philosophy, psychology and science to acquire a deep sense of strength, ease and connectivity in the human form.

She aims to deliver her students with a sense of agency as they discover their own innate capacity to step into a life that is in flow.

Jessica’s philosophy is rooted deeply in the ancient style of Tantra. Practice with Jessica to get out of the thinking mind and move into the flowing body whether it be Yin, Hot or Vinyasa, and leave class feeling embodied within your deepest sense of self.


"I believe life has a way of pulling you back exactly where you should be". 

Five years ago Kasia's passion for yoga was reignited and as it grew so did her desire to teach. Her Yoga journey started many years prior to arriving in Australia, born in Poland and having lived in the UK and Ireland, Kasia had further desire to travel and decided on a trip to India to do a Yoga teacher training course.  That experience and travel around India planted a seed and 12 years later Kasia has changed career and sought a new path teaching Yoga.

Super excited, bursting with energy and love for the practice Kasia has great passion for both teaching and continuing to be a student. 

She feels passionate about how individual we all are, how we all need to listen to our bodies and ensure we have a safe practise that supports us throughout our life. “Yoga to me is a practice of Self love in every moment. Challenge yourself…modify if you need to but make sure you look after yourself…and no matter what stay connected with the breath.”



Keleigh originally hails from Boston, where she grew up and attended college, graduating from Lesley University with a BA in Holistic Psychology; Yoga as Therapy in 2010.

Her yoga career began when she was accepted into a college semester intensive study program at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. A few months after completing the semester’s studies of yogic philosophy and practice, Keleigh returned to Kripalu to obtain her Yoga Teacher Training Certification in 2009. She has been teaching ever since.

Keleigh moved to Melbourne in November 2018 from San Francisco and is a User Experience Designer. She spends the majority of her time-off adventuring with her 9 year old groodle, Mammút, who made the move to Melbourne with her.



Our prenatal teacher Louise, has been intrigued with pregnancy, babies and human physiology since a young child.

After school, Louise completed a Bachelors Degree in General Nursing but soon recognised the shortcomings of today's health industry and the necessity for holistic therapies to become more mainstream. 

Her passion for yoga ignited when she noticed the benefits she was gaining from the yoga classes her GP had recommended. After easing her back pain, stress and other symptoms, Louise felt inspired to share this amazing practice with others. 

She soon began studying the teachings of Yoga, completing her 200hr training with the Classical Yoga School of Scotland and her passion didn’t stop there. She has since completed certificates in children’s yoga with Rainbow Kids Yoga and in pre/post-natal yoga with Bliss Baby Yoga.

For the past two years, Louise’s teachings have been solely focused on Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga. She is also currently studying to become a Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Doula. 

"I feel the current healthcare system is missing some key elements in maternal care and I aim to bridge this gap through physical, emotional and spiritual support."

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Lydia is a true believer in the power of yoga and the clarity, confidence and calm a regular practice can bring to your life. 

Since attending her first yoga class over 10 years ago, Lydia has encouraged friends and family to yoga classes and retreats in an effort to open their eyes to its magic.

Her love of yoga eventually led her to leave behind the corporate world and head to Bali where she completed her 200 Hour Vinyasa Flow teacher training at the Power of Now Oasis in Sanur. Soon after she also completed Yoga Corner’s Graduate Teacher Program led by studio Founder Amy Leonard-King.

Lydia is passionate about helping people of all levels and abilities connect with yoga and through her teaching aims to helps students tap into and get to know their authentic self, in-turn creating space in heart and mind for deeper connection.



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Natasha first discovered yoga as a way to compliment her dance training. In 2013 she graduated with a BA Dance from the Victorian College of the Arts and found a natural progression into yoga completing her 200hr teacher training in 2017. During her studies, Natasha realised her passion for teaching the art of the moving body through yoga.

From having a keen interest in anatomy, her own practice and method of teaching focuses on alignment and at the same time allows for the joy of movement and meditation in motion that is yoga. Natasha’s classes give each student the opportunity to take what they need from their practice with breath and movement connection as the foundation.

Whether you’re new to the practice, or a seasoned yogi, Natasha's classes are accessible to everybody.


For Rachel, yoga came at a time when she needed grounding. Working and living in London at the time, her yoga practice became a chance to centre and reconnect. Becoming a yoga teacher after several years then felt like a natural progression.

Rachel’s classes draw inspiration from the strength and structure of Ashtanga Yoga, whilst maintaining creativity and lightness and weaving pranayama through the asana.

Encouraging an uninterrupted flow of breath to create a moving meditation, Rachel offers a place to progress your physical practice as well as holding space to breathe and take a break from the every day.

Rachel loves yoga for its ability to speak to each person as an individual. And that long, blissful Savasana at the end. "

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Shannon found yoga when she was just 16 years old and has been practicing ever since. What started as a supplement to her exercise routine, soon became integral to her health and wellbeing.

After falling very ill at the age of 21, Shannon found great relief in yoga and, through her practice, was able to maintain her mental health during this period. This experience taught Shannon the power of yoga and since then has been passionate about wanting to share it with others.

Shannon recently moved to Melbourne from San Francisco, California after spending the last year traveling around the world bringing affordable and accessible yoga to people in some unexpected places, including Tanzania, South Africa, The Philippines and India where she received her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification.

Shannon’s teaching style focuses on alignment for injury prevention and provides options for students of all levels. Her classes are a combination of modern Vinyasa Flow and traditional Hatha and Ashtanga lineages.

Shannon’s classes will leave you feeling invigorated and grounded.

We're always on the lookout for passionate yoga teachers, please get in touch if you're interested in joining our team.
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