Yoga Corner Melbourne Teacher Training 2020


When I embarked upon my first Yoga Teacher Training almost 10 years ago, it wasn’t an easy, nor simple, decision to make. I was hesitant about the expectations of me and my practice, of whether I was ‘good enough’ (on many levels), and also whether the training was going to be the ‘right’ training for me. I had considered several big name trainings, and also asked others of their experiences, but I ultimately realized it was my decision to make. I know now looking back at those early days, that the decision I made was the right one, because in many ways your first leap into a deeper study of Yoga, is simply the first step on a much bigger journey, that marks you as a student for life of this profound, ancient wisdom tradition.

Back to my story - and living in London at the time, I had found what I considered to be my ‘home’ studio. It truly had become a home away from home, more so than any other establishment I was connected with (work, home, etc.). I loved the practice and the classes that the studio offered, and the general energy of the teachers and students, I felt a deeper undercurrent of messages in classes beyond how to bend your body into weird and wonderful shapes. And so I took the plunge and signed up to the training, vowing that although I didn’t want to actually teach Yoga, I was interested in deepening my own knowledge and understanding of the practice…The rest, is of course history.

For some time now, the rumblings of desire to offer a Teacher Training course through Yoga Corner and for the experience of our community and beyond has been building momentum. After many hours of contemplation, planning and countless requests from curious students, finally the Universe and all its stars have aligned, and I am beyond excited, as well as incredibly humbled to be sharing this epic work of love with you all.

Teaching teachers is something I have been doing for years now, offering mentorship, guidance, post-graduate training and 1:1 support through the journey of others on this same path, and it is a part of my work that I find deeply rewarding. A Teacher Training program is naturally the next progression, but being the perfectionist that I am, along with being incredibly humbled by seeing the enormity of this responsibility, it has taken me time to get here.

The philosophy of ‘Yoga’ is vast. So vast that it would be impossible to ‘know’ it all. And so I don’t pledge to know it all, and I don’t believe that there is only one way to practice. But I do understand the power of this path from my own experience, and it’s ability to transform our lives as we know them. You’ve seen and experienced the magic of Yoga, you wouldn’t be here reading this if you weren’t interested, and now the question is, do you want to go further? Do you wish to take your own practice to the next level, and begin to experience the power of Yoga to transform your world?

In 2020, I will be offering the first Yoga Teacher Training program through the Yoga Corner studio, and I cannot wait to see who will be joining together on this journey of a lifetime.


It is an experience of deep immersion and transformation, in whatever capacity it pulls you in, whether you see yourself as a ‘teacher’ or not quite yet. The point is that you are interested, and the next step is to take the leap of faith, as it will either be now, or later, so why waste another moment pondering…

This course is purposefully designed to offer both time to digest the teachings, with weekend modules every 2-3 weeks over 5 months, as well as a week-long immersion in Bali where you will have the space to really dive into your learnings. The immersive part of the training is an experience like no other, and a must for your journey both in your practice, and as a future teacher.

There are so many training courses out there. Where do you even start? It can be overwhelming to say the least. What has caught my attention most however, after years of meeting, mentoring and hiring teachers, is that many base-level 200 hour Teacher Training courses just aren’t fulfilling the needs of their students. I want to offer more. An experience that takes you on a deep dive into your practice, so that you can teach uniquely and from a place of true authenticity, as well as the option to take on more modules + trainings to supplement your base level certification.

Yoga Corner’s Teacher Training will offer both the base-level 200 hours (minimum required for certification as a Yoga Teacher), as well as supplementary modules combined to make an optional additional 50 hours (250hr RYT standard), or the opportunity to pick and choose individual modules that speak to you. The additional modules will comprise of specialty teaching areas including: Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga as well as post-graduate Mentoring to support you beyond the completion of your training.

We believe this offering to be unique, inclusive, and so very special.


There is a lot to take in and consider, so don’t rush it. Sit with how you feel, and with all the feelings that arise, and then please reach out with your questions, concerns and expressions of interest. The course will be capped in numbers to ensure an intimate and rewarding environment for all (your Yoga TT companions will become friends for life, no doubt about it!), and seeing as this is the first opportunity to train with us at Yoga Corner, best to not hesitate in expressing your interest, so that you can be the first to know when bookings begin to fill up.

This Teacher Training course is designed first and foremost as an immersive experience into the depths of your own practice. We believe that the most important aspect of any teacher’s offerings is the commitment they have to this path and the practices that they are sharing with others; what this carefully curated training will do is assist you to find the teacher within, through the practice of Yoga itself.

The delivery of the course over 9 weekends plus the Bali immersion we believe gives the best of both worlds – time to digest the teachings, explore practices both on and off the mat, and develop skills inherent to becoming a ‘teacher’. Expect to transform. Expect to be challenged. Expect your world as you know it to turn upside down, and know that you won’t be able to prepare for everything that comes up. This experience is deep, and it asks of you a strong and unbridled commitment to discovering yourself through the path of Yoga.

If this speaks to you, please get in touch. Expressions of interest are now open, through which we will respond with more details on dates, pricing and any further requirements for the training.

I look forward with great anticipation to facilitating this extraordinary experience with you, both on and off the mat (and with guest teachers along the way!).

Amy Leonard-King - Founder, Yoga Corner


Yoga Corner Melbourne Teacher Training with Amy Leonard-King 2020
Yoga Corner Melbourne Teacher Training Course Bali Immersion
Yoga Corner Melbourne Teacher Training 2020 Bali Immersion