Join Amy for a 90 minute workshop taking these postures step-by-step so that you can begin to explore and reap the amazing benefits they can offer for both the body and mind.

Sure they look great on your Instagram profile, and can be a neat party trick, but did you know that these challenging inversions are actually a peak posture in the practice of yoga beyond the reasons of being difficult to learn and perform with ease? Headstand is often called the 'King' yoga posture, holding this title not simply because of it's challenging physical nature, but because of the endless benefits it provides the practitioner: increased blood flow to the brain, reducing stress, improving digestion, reversing the effects of gravity (can we say anti-ageing?!) and improving concentration. Need more convincing?

WHEN: Friday 19th February 6:00 - 7:30PM

INVESTMENT: $30 (FREE for 29 Day Challengers)


'We must remember that whatever level of experience, we are exactly where we should be in the yoga practice. If you've been practicing these postures for a while, there is always more to learn, challenge + explore; if you're beginning to have a play with these inversions then this workshop will help with some progressions, tips and hints; and if you've only seen them from afar on Instagram or YouTube, then we'll bring them right back down to earth for you to break down and explore, step-by-step, making the seemingly impossible, more accessible. You'll take away a new understanding of where to go next in your practice regardless of your level of experience. This workshop is open to ALL.' - Amy

For our 29 Day Challengers, this workshop will be an integral part of your Challenge, because it will be just that - challenging! 

Don't be shy, and bring a friend. Let's turn upside down together!