A Jivamukti Yoga Workshop
Friday February 24th | 6pm - 8pm
Investment: $59
(10% off for 30 Day Challengers)


Join one of Amy's very own teachers, all the way from the UK(!) to explore twisting in Yoga and it's many benefits...
Twisting and rotating the spine requires great flexibility. Parivritta - the Sanskrit term that refers to rotation in an asana, literally means to move around the central axis.

The word 'sukham' or joyful in Sanskrit can also be translated as good axel hole; which suggests we need a strong centre in which to rotate and twist from so that everything is spinning from a good, steady and easeful place.

Besides restoring your spine’s natural range of motion, the parivritta action opens the nadis (energy channels), deeply cleanses the organs and stimulates circulation bringing rejuvenation, clarity and balance into the body and the manipura chakra, the fire element or the fire in the belly, helping to untwist the ego and mind. When you are in need of re-energizing, twists are perfect to fan the flames of your inner fire and restore vitality helping to lift energy upwards and onwards.

Enjoy this intense twisting workshop looking at deepening the body’s twisting motion and delving into an understanding of the chakra system.