When: Wednesday 1 May 2019
When: 7.00-8.00pm
With: Amy Leonard-King
Cost: Free

To celebrate our 5th birthday on Wednesday 1 May 2019, we are opening our hearts even wider, and joining together for a very special FREE community kirtan at 7.00pm in the studio.

Led by Yoga Corner Founder Amy Leonard-King, join us for a soulful, meditative, heart opening + uplifting experience of sound, music and chanting. 

Kirtan is a simple and authentic way to relieve stress, refresh the mind and connect with the heart. Integrating mantra, rhythm, call-and-response singing and beautiful live instruments, the group is led into a joyous and deep meditative experience. 

Coming together we'll take the practices of meditation + mantra more external as we listen to healing sound + vibration, sing together to cleanse the heart, and lift our spirits sky-high.

We're also excited to be making a very special announcement on the night, so we look forward to seeing you all there!

There is no ‘good’ singing, there is only present and absent.
— Jeff Buckley