When: Sunday 7th April

Time: 7-8pm

What: ‘Yoga For Change’ by $15 charitable donation for SisterWorks. (Donation optional for YC Members)

This month, join Yoga Corner Founder Amy for our monthly Yoga for Change charity class. Amy will be guiding an hour-long practice based in Restorative Yoga for the deep core. Think long-held supported postures for deep relaxation, subtle felt experiences, connection to your body on a level you may never have felt before, and a feeling of lightness in both body and mind arises.

The practice will begin with restorative yoga postures + practices, and will slide into a long, guided Yoga Nidra for deep rest and rejuvenation. The practice will be complemented by the use of essential oils to awaken your senses and spirit in a fully immersive experience.

All donations ($15 cash on the day, bookings are free online) will be given directly to SisterWorks.