Investment: $22 (FREE for 40 Day Challengers)

Join Arianna for a Funky Friday Evening Essential Oil sesh to learn about how to use therapeutic grade essential oils to create healthy lives, strong immune systems, natural beauty and personal care products and happy low-tox homes.

The information is easy to understand, simple to action and able to be integrated into your life.

The essential oils we'll be discussing in this class represent the safest and purest essential oils available globally today.

In this Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop you will learn how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life to support a natural lifestyle.

What we'll cover:

+ What essential oils are

+ What are the most important ones that every household needs to have

+ How to support a chemical free household

+ How to safely use essential oils

+ How to use essential oils to support your immune, respiratory, digestive, musculoskeletal and lymphatic systems.

Essential oils can:

+ be used to make natural skincare and natural cleaning products

+ support emotional wellbeing + enhance your spiritual and/or physical practices

+ promote deep and restful sleep

+ improve digestive health

+ help to fight colds

+ alleviate headaches

and so much more!

Feel free to bring along a friend but please make sure they book online :)

We can't wait to share this with you all!