By Lydia Richards

Soap charged under the energy of the full moon, gorgeous crystals, natural paste deodorant, organic hair-shining conditioning treatment and a healthcare voucher valued at $110 are just some of the wonderful goodies that our May Gratitude Challengers will be able take home to try.

We are so grateful to the following organisations who have signed up to support our Challengers in their quest for deeper gratitude thus far:

-       Upwell Health Collective

-       SpellBox at the Royal Arcade

-       Hask Hair Products

-       Cantata Elixir

-       Earthlette

If you’re thinking about signing up for our 30 Days of Gratitude in May, there’s still time…and at the end of the 30 days you’ll be able to pamper yourself into oblivion thanks to these wonderful organisations who care as much about gratitude as what we do!