By Arianna Pienaar

Change. That six letter word that often leaves us mere mortals in a frenzy for fear of things being different. Not even things being “better”. But simply different.

The way we’d rather sit in our comfort zone than explore expansion is perplexing to say the least. How we’d rather play small, continue to self‑sabotage and constantly seek ways to ensure we feel ‘normal’. Whatever normal means.

I try to find solace in our greatest teachers: Mamma Earth and Father Universe. Even taking Mamma’s teachings quite literally, we notice huge shifts in our lives which help us to shed unwanted feelings and emotions and reclaim powers that we had thought were lost for good.

Mamma teaches us best as she offers us her cyclical personality. I think that my dear pre‑Socractic Greek philosopher friend, Heraclitus says it best: “Change is the only constant.”

Some of us humans have gone so far off the beaten track, that we forget (and I use the word “forget” intentionally) to notice the change that we’re presented with day in and day out. The changes in our hormone cycles. The changes in our lady‑moon cycles. How rivers change from slow running waters to gushing waterfalls. How the seas change from low‑tide to high and vice versa. How days change into nights and nights to day. You get my drift right? THINGS ARE CONSTANTLY CHANGING.

What can I do to cope with the change?

A beautiful combination of Yoga, Ayurveda and oily love is all that you need to get you through this change in season.

Yoga prepares us for the changes that we experience throughout our lives. So it’s no surprise, that when we consider one of the most prevalent changes that affect us

today, we can use the tools that Yoga and Mamma Nature has given us to support our bodies, our minds, and our lives.

Seasonal change my friends is a subject that some of us fear, especially at this time of year when the sun‑birds amongst us realise that it’s nearing Autumn and Winter.

But fear not Yogi’s, we’ve got your back. With Yoga practises and usage of Plant Botanicals by your side, designed to support your body systems, balance your hormones and circadian rhythms, and keep you ‘sane’ during the dreaded darkness of winter, you can rest assured that you can say goodbye to seasonal affective disorder. So let’s start with the basics:

Food and diet

According to Deepak Chopra, in his incredible book called Perfect Health:

“As with the rhythms of the day, there are master cycles matched to the doshas that run throughout the year. Our bodies automatically flow with these changes as long as we don’t interfere. Ayurveda divides the year into 3 seasons in place of the usual 4.”

As we’re moving from a Pitta to Vata Season (Early to late autumn and winter) we can assume that following an Ayurvedic diet may support our bodies through the seasonal change. 

You may want to favour cool food and drink (Not ice cold).

You may wish to consume more liquids favouring bitter, sweet and astringent tastes whilst reducing sour, salty, and pungent ones.

As the weather becomes cooler, you find yourself craving heavier foods.

Make sure your food is cooked well and is easy to digest as the cold weather weakens digestion. Generally eating fruits and veg with the seasons is recommend. Ie: reduce lettuce and tomatoes in winter, fewer grains in summer, and try your best not to eat anything that has made its way on a ship to you. Local is better ‑ always.

Modifying your yoga diet

Vata‑type exercise is balancing and stretching. Yoga is perfect for this season as long as it doesn't become too tiring. Be careful not to become carried away and push yourself too far. If you are exhausted, consider practising gently and or resting. Remember, showing up on your mat is the hard work done already. If you feel that your body needs to rest, Child’s Pose and or Savasana is more than welcomed. In fact, it’s revered, because it takes more strength and courage to listen to your body, than it does to butcher it and push it beyond what you feel is right for you.

Remember to stay connected with your breath and perhaps try practicing at the same time every day through this period to create some stability and routine.

We have a gorgeous restorative yoga workshop coming up at the studio on Saturday April 21, which will help you to relax and unwind on the deepest level. Just what you need to combat the constant of change.

Essential oils…yummy

Essential oils can and will help you to stay balanced and healthy during any seasonal change. Those who suffer seasonal allergies may wish to invest in oils and oil blends that will support their respiratory, immune and digestive systems. After all, we know that allergies in general, can be routed in a gut dysbiosis (or microbial imbalance), and so caring for our digestive system is always key. No matter what the season, the team at Yoga Corner advocate the use of doTERRA essential oils because of their efficacy and purity so the usage mentioned here, is not for your stock standard “oils” off the store shelf, but rather from the doTERRA range. If you’re interested in learning more about these oils, please contact the studio, as all students receive discounts through purchasing these incredible products from us.

Oils for Respiratory Support

Eucalyptus and Peppermint are my besties here because not only do they smell fresh and uplifting, but they invigorate the lungs, helping us to breathe deeper and easier. (perfect for pre‑practise inhalation too).

These oils are antibacterial, anti‑inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic and antiviral, so blended with some Carrier oil and applied to the chest, back of the neck and or the soles of the feet, will soothe symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, indigestion, flu, headaches, throat infections and so much more.

Also, diffusing a blend of these oils, will open and soothe the tissues of the respiratory system and also combat airborne bacteria and viruses that could be harmful to the system. (pretty rad right?) doTERRA have created a blend called Easy Air, which is perfect for any or all the above.

Oils for Immune Support

Clove, Wild Orange, Rosemary & Cinnamon ‑ all these oils together, smell warming and comforting, like Christmas in a bottle. But let me tell you what a powerhouse of a blend this dude is. With Clove having the highest antioxidants found in nature, you’ll be sure to bust any germs or toxins out of the body quicksmart.

Essential Oils have the ability to permeate our cell membranes, which means that if you have a nasty

virus lurking within your cells, making you feel less than your best‑self, then these babies will act like your super‑hero’s and support your body’s immune system to heal itself.

OnGuard is a blend that doTERRA have created for its strong ability to kill harmful bacteria, mold and viruses. This blend can be diffused (in a cold air diffuser) into the air or can even be used to clean and purify household surfaces. The oils act as an antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, support symptoms of colds, coughs, flu, infections, and sore throats. Winning!

You could dilute in a carrier oil and massage your throat, stomach, and the bottoms of your feet. Also helpful to massage the thymus gland with this blend to stimulate the immune system, and also massage under the arms to stimulate the lymphatic system.

For more information on how these oils and so many more can support you and your family, please contact us and we will gladly share our information with you. Our intention is to have you living your life to the full, and ‘ain’t nobody got time to feel unwell’. Am I right?