“Patience is a mind that is able to accept fully and happily, whatever occurs. It is much more than gritting our teeth and putting up with things. Being patient means to welcome wholeheartedly whatever arises, having given up the idea that things should be other than what they are.”
~ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.


What are you grateful for?

As the weather starts to turn and the days get shorter, many of us start to lament brighter days gone by. It is the practice of gratitude that enables us to accept, with a whole and open heart, whatever life presents to us. It is about giving thanks and appreciating what we have now…rather than wishing for something more or wanting to change something that is. 

Practicing gratitude is about being present, loving each moment of your life just as it is, and giving up the notion that it should be any other way. This isn’t always easy for many of us, as it requires us to surrender, relinquish control and trust the process.  

Our 30 Day Gratitude Challenge throughout the month of May has been designed to help you transform on the deepest level. It will help to shine a spotlight on all the things in your life that you have to be grateful for as well as serve as a reminder to always act from kindness and compassion – thus helping you to live every moment as if it were your last and ultimately live your life with greater purpose.


This challenge is suited to EVERYBODY + we invite you to make it your own.

  • 5 x Yoga classes per week (recommended but as we always say - make it your own)
  • Welcome and meditation led by Yoga Corner Founder Amy Leonard-King on Tuesday 1 May 2018 at 6.30pm, Yoga Corner – where you will discuss journaling and goals for the challenge
  • Daily gratitude journalling + meditation
  • x 2 tickets to “The Gratitude Experience” hosted by Joseph Di Bennardo, Saturday 5 May at 11.00am at Yoga Corner (spaces limited)
  • Yoga Nidra – Sunday 6th May or Sunday 3rd June ($10 will be donated on your behalf to our charity of the month)
  • 10% off YC 2hour workshops in April and May:
    • Lydia Richards (Embodiment of Spirit) – Saturday 21 April at 1.30pm
    • Claire Bradshaw (Yin, Yang and Nidra) – Saturday 26 May at 1.30pm
  • Constant support + guidance from the Yoga Corner team
  • YC goodie bag packed with giveaways from our challenge collaborators 

At the end of the challenge you'll emerge fresh, awakened and energised in ways you can't even imagine - all you need to do is surrender and trust the process.

INVESTMENT: $195 (Non-Members) OR $35 (with a valid YC 'Unlimited' Membership)